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Shri Bhausaheb Bhoge

Shri Bhausaheb Bhoge

Founder, VSPM AHE

From The Desk Of The Founder

VSPM AHE was started with a vision to provide quality education and healthcare to the rural population. VSPM’s College of Physiotherapy began its journey to fulfill the same around 20 years ago. All new ventures face many road blocks in its path. VSPM did much more than passively survive the difficult conditions that face us, we actively grew and thrived, positioning ourselves to do the same in the years to come. We have been shaping up our young generation to become competent, compassionate and dedicated physiotherapists in their future. Patients have been and should continue to be the primary focus of the institute. Personally I am happy to see the institute growing in right direction to fulfill the vision and mission of VSPM COP to serve the weaker and under privileged section of our society. My best wish to the institute for the bright future.